Time of Day


Time of Day

New paintings the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair

July 6–8, 2018
Nathan Philips Square, Toronto
Booth C198

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“The unexamined life is not one worth living” – Plato

Time of Day draws inspiration from the English idiom “to give” or “to be given the time of day”, it is commonly used in describing a standard of respect or empathy towards someone or something. In its context, the term is a call to action to myself, to examine a situation. Time of day is an introspective look at of my thoughts and feelings from the time I was pursuing a corporate career. The paintings each explore opposite themes surrounding opportunity and adversity, as well as the unconscious and conscious mind.

These concepts are identified through several visual elements including: the depiction of light and shadow in scenes, which illustrate duration (moments, opportunities, adversity); contrasting colours within analogous palettes (opportunity, discovery, repetition, uniformity); as well as the varied textural brushwork (clarity, obscurity).

There were many times I felt like a spectator to my life, watching moments pass me by and ignoring action. I was daydreaming as if I was a passenger on a plane above the clouds.