Portfolio of Select Works

Nelson Cheng
Trainee Assistant Art Director

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(Expanded Portfolio)


interior fit-out for new build

Modeled and rendered in Octane for Rhino

star apartments

New construction social housing for Skidrow Los Angeles. Collaborated with lead designer and lead architect. Responsibilities included renderings (created with VRay and Rhino), construction drawings and physical scale model.

Baikonur Spaceports

A fictional project of giant ring habitats situated in Baikonur, Kazahkstan. This location is home to hundreds of soviet space-race era infrastructure. By reclaiming the existing sites and adding to the infrastructure, these relics are turned in to a spaceport that facilitates future space tourism.

conceptual section drawing – elementary public school

animal crossing land bridge

To the animals that are colour blind or only see infrared, the bridge blends in to the environment.
To humans, the bridge is a caution indicator of wild-life migration nearby.
Photoshop work over 3D model.

industrial design

Out-N-About Burger (wip)

A spoof on the In-N-Out burger brand. These conceptual sketches depict a mobile autonomous food stand fit for all dystopian-future fast food needs.

A work in progress scene of the food cart in a virtual city street. Modelled in Rhino, rendered with Octane.

assorted graphics

thank you for your attention

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