Portfolio of Select Works


interior fit-out for new build

star apartments

New construction social housing for Skidrow Los Angeles. Collaborated with lead designer and lead architect.

Private residence

commercial building

Baikonur Spaceports

A fictional project of giant ring habitats situated in Baikonur, Kazahkstan. This location is home to hundreds of soviet space-race era infrastructure. By reclaiming the existing sites and adding to the infrastructure, these relics are turned in to a spaceport that facilitates future space tourism.

conceptual section drawing – elementary public school

animal crossing land bridge

To the animals that are colour blind or only see infrared, the bridge blends in to the environment.
To humans, the bridge is a caution indicator of wild-life migration nearby.
Photoshop work over 3D model.

industrial design

Out-N-About Burger (wip)

A spoof on the In-N-Out burger brand. These conceptual sketches depict a mobile autonomous food stand fit for all dystopian-future fast food needs.

A work in progress scene of the food cart in a virtual city street. Modelled in Rhino, rendered with Octane.

assorted graphics

thank you for your attention

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